Months after murder of student, Red Bluff High School makes safety changes

Changes being implemented to keep students safe at Red Bluff High School after the death of Marysa Nichols

RED BLUFF, Calif. - The death of 14-year-old Marysa Nichols back in February hit much of the Northstate hard, especially Red Bluff High school.

Since February, the high school has made some new changes to keep their students safe both on and off campus.

Nichols' body was found behind the school next to a creek. Since then, the Red Bluff Joint Union High School District has been thinking of ways to keep students safer.

"We are continuing to educate our kids about how to be safe, where to walk, walk in groups, don't use the creek," said Superintendent Lisa Escobar.

The school also blocked out the 'short cuts' that the students often used.

Red Bluff High also added new surveillance cameras all around campus and the school's new principal is working on fencing off the entire campus.

"Fences provide a definite distinction of what's school and where the community is and so students have boundaries that way," said Red Bluff High School Principal Ron Fisher.

There have also been changes made on school grounds and during passing periods, students will be watched more closely.

Principal Fisher said the school would like to do away with off-campus lunches too.

"Our goal is to keep them safe and while in school so if they have that opportunity to leave, it makes it more challenging to keep them safe," said Fisher.

The school also added a new position this year, a dean of students, who can focus his time on preventing situations that could lead students to trouble.

"It's my utmost concern that when parents drop [their kids] off at school, they are going to come home at night," said Superintendent Escobar.

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