Mosquito fogging in high gear in Butte County

Mosquito fogging in high gear in Butte County

CHICO, Calif. - Mosquito fogging crews are in high gear this time of year, working to lessen the mosquito population by spraying in areas where breeding is likely.

On Tuesday night four trucks out-rigged with mosquito fogging equipment hit the roads around Dayton and Hamilton City.

They focused fogging efforts on orchards and rice fields, places where standing water is unavoidable, giving mosquitoes the perfect place to breed.

Mosquito authorities recently announced that West Nile virus has now been detected in eight separate mosquito pools.

Jim Richards of the Butte County Mosquito Vector and Control District says the recent weather has only helped mosquito populations.

"The rains that we've had plus the warm water have brought pools of water that are producing mosquitoes in places that were previously dry," Richards said. "And so without the surveillance and the homeowners efforts to dump over these things, mosquitoes are getting off and possibly infecting people."

Fogging efforts ramp up in July and the fogging season typically lasts through September.

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