Mother allegedly high on meth falsely reports sexual abuse of son

REDDING, Calif. - According to officials with the Redding Police Department officers responded to Shasta Regional Medical Center to investigate an alleged child molestation early Sunday morning. 

Officers said Zara Crank, 22 years of Redding, called 911 stating her boyfriend had just sexually assaulted her 4 year old son and requested officers meet with her at the hospital. 

While speaking with Crank the officers noted she appeared under the influence of methamphetamine.  The officers also noticed a small plastic bag of suspected methamphetamine partially exposed and falling out from her tank top. 


When questioned, officers said Crank admitted it was methamphetamine, and that she had been smoking methamphetamine in her apartment the previous evening. 

She also allegedly admitted to being up for several days and not caring for her 4 year old son during this time. 

The child was removed from Crank's custody.  His name is not being released due to the fact he is a minor and an alleged  victim of child neglect.   

It was also determined the child was not a victim of sexual assault, but had developed a diaper rash from the lack of care provided by Crank.  Officers have not determined if another person was actually present at Crank's apartment or if she was paranoid from the drug abuse.                                                                            

Crank was arrested and booked at Shasta County Jail for possession of methamphetamine and child endangerment.    

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