Mother describes son's death following officer-involved shooting

REDDING, Calif. - The mother of the man who was shot and killed by police after coming out of a Willis Street home with a butcher knife speaks out for the first time Wednesday.

Coleen Scholfield flipped through pictures saying she still can't believe that her 22-year-old son Ray Dakota Scholfield is gone.

"I was standing right there and he just came out the door, I felt him brush passed my arm," Coleen said. "He came at the cops and he told them, he wasn't swinging the knife or anything, he just had it and says you guys are gonna have to take me down and so it happened."

Coleen said Dakota suffered from a mental disability. She said Dakota was 16 when his anger issues started and it only got worse.

"He would just get really angry and start screaming and hollering and holding his head and we told him before, if you get like that go for a walk," Coleen said.

According to her the night of June 20 that anger became uncontrollable. The family lost two loved ones that tragic night. Dakota stabbed to death his 33-year-old cousin Christen Allenclark, and moments later Dakota was shot and killed by Redding police.

Coleen said this could have all been avoided, she never expected her son's mental disabilities to lead to his death.

"It was just so fast, the officer shot once and then all of a sudden they all just shot him," Coleen said. "It was just like boom! Boom! Boom! Smoke everywhere, it was awful."

Coleen said Dakota was on medication but would often stop taking it because of how it made him feel.

Dakota's criminal background showed he has had criminal incidents with a knife in the past. His record included charges of public intoxication, carrying a dirk or dagger and assault with a deadly weapon.

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