Mother: police killed my son

REDDING, Calif. - The mother of Steven Motley claims her son died at the hands of Redding police officers.

Steven Motley, 33, died earlier in October after leading Redding police officers on a chase through a residential neighborhood.

"My son was not a violent person," said Carol Adams, Steven's mother.

"He was trying to make a life for his kids, you know we all have problems but he was trying to go forward."

According to Shasta County court records Motley has a criminal record with some 16 cases dating back to 1999.

Investigators said Motley stole a police cruiser after taking officers on a chase in a stolen pick-up truck on Oct. 5.

Motley allegedly crashed the pickup into the front cement wall of a home in East Redding then tried to get away and in the process stole a Redding Police cruiser.

He then ditched the cruiser a few streets away and took officers on a foot pursuit before he was taken down.

A Taser was used in the process.

After he was detained officers noticed he was going into cardiac arrest and an ambulance was called.

Adams said officers went too far.

She claims her son had several broken bones, staples to his head and he also went into cardiac arrest several times.

Now she's taking a stand, going as far as saying officers murdered her son.

"To blatantly murder somebody after he was detained twice by an officer and be brutally murdered in front of witnesses and get away with it, what do you think they're going to get away with next?"

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office is conducting the investigation but Redding Police Chief Rob Paoletti responded.

"I feel bad for them, I really do,  I'm a parent as well but I also have five officers that were involved in a very traumatic incident," said Paoletti.

Paoletti said the investigation process can take weeks and he's asking for people to be patient and wait for all the facts in the case.

"It's hard for me to sit back and see some of the allegations that were made toward my officers and not be able to stand forward and be able to tell what is in the investigation until it's complete."

The five officers involved in the incident are back at work after being placed on three days of paid-administrative leave.

Paoletti said they're waiting on autopsy and toxicology reports and will hopefully have those by the end of the week.

Friends and family of Steven Motley said they plan to rally in front of the Shasta County Courthouse tomorrow.

They will be taking part in a national campaign against police brutality that will be happening across the country.

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