Mountain Gate fire caused by heated propane tanks

MOUNTAIN GATE, Calif. - Mountain Gate Fire Department said the fire that destroyed three vehicles, a motorcycle, and a fifth wheel trailer last night was caused by two propane tanks that heated up near the trailer.

The fire started around 10 Wednesday night at 13941 Blue Ridge Dr. Mountain Gate Fire Chief Don Kerns said the man that lived in the house tried to get out and got inside a car with his dog. The car wouldn't start and the man was unable to get the dog out. The car then caught fire and killed the dog.

Chief Kerns said the fire was caused by two propane tanks that were stored in a compartment of the trailer which heated up and caught fire.

"They're pretty well safe on their own if you don't put them in a place where if a fire gets close you're gonna heat it up," said Chief Kerns. "What you wanna do is keep it clear around it so if a fire comes in it, it doesn't blow liquid into here and cause it to become a ... explosive."

The person living there was not hurt. The fire caused about a $70,000 in damage.

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