Murder in Red Bluff stuns a quiet neighborhood

Alleged stabbing death in Red Bluff shocks the peaceful neighborhood

RED BLUFF, Calif. - A murder investigation is underway in Tehama County. A man was allegedly stabbed to death in what is normally a peaceful, Red Bluff neighborhood on Thursday.

The incident happened at 2:23 a.m. in the 200-block of Pinon Way. It is a shocking crime that had residents questioning how something like this could happen on such a peaceful street.

"This is a nice, quiet neighborhood," said resident Bettie Stanger. "Our kids play down there and we wake up to this."

A Red Bluff man, 39-year-old Christopher Hougland, has been charged with the murder. Law enforcement believes the incident occurred at his home and he was arrested and booked late Thursday afternoon.

The Red Bluff Police Department said the victim, Samuel Forseth, 28, of Palo Cedro, stumbled through the street looking for help.

"We believe that he was assaulted with some type of cutting instrument – perhaps a knife or some type of similar device," said Red Bluff Police Captain Kyle Sanders. "We believe that he fled that location across the street, possibly to seek assistance."

Forseth eventually succumbed to his stab wounds across the street from Hougland's home, at a neighbor's front porch. That is when the neighbors called 911.

Investigators were still looking for clues more than seven-hours later.

"There is a crime scene within it. Our investigators and forensic analysts within the Department of Justice are currently examining [Hougland's] residence."

Residents were still trying to piece together what happened in such an unexpected place.

"I'd seen a gurney come out and I knew that wasn't a good thing," said neighbor Crystal Simpson.

They didn't expect anything like this to ever happen in that area.

"The only thing that I've ever had to do was tell the kids don't ride your bikes so fast," said Stanger.

Authorities are still searching for a motive behind the alleged murder. Investigators are still trying to piece together what conspired overnight, to bring Hougland and Forseth together.

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