Murder victim's daughter wants suspects to get life in prison

Murder victim's daughter wants suspects to get life in prison

REDDING, Calif. - A murder victim's daughter saw the suspects for the first time in a Shasta County courtroom Wednesday.

Misty Forsyth is the daughter of 57-year-old Michael Forsyth. He was found with 65-year-old Tommy Burton on October 25, 2013 in Ingot. Shasta County investigators say both men were shot and killed and then put in a home and burned.

The two people being charged with the murders are 33-year-old Joshua McCormick and 32-year-old Rebecca Wilson. Both have pleaded not guilty to murder.

"Makes the nightmare worse. I mean it gives me some closure but it gives me faces for my nightmares," said Misty.

Misty said it was difficult to look at the two suspects in court.

"With the feet on the podium and talking to the people in the courtroom, there's no remorse no respect. That man doesn't even respect himself," said Misty.

Misty believes McCormick pulled the trigger on her father. She believes he pleaded not guilty to get more attention for what he did.

"It's a show for him and I believe when he murdered my father it was his sick twisted mind doing it. I don't think he had remorse or cared. He is a cold blooded murderer and they went there with the intentions of committing a crime and hurting the people there," said Misty.

Misty wants to see McCormick and Wilson stay behind bars.

"Life in prison with the general population, living day to day with criminals who committed like crimes," said Misty.

But for Misty, she doesn't think justice will ever be served.

"We don't have him anymore. I don't get to go see him, hang out with him, take my kids to hang out with their papa. I don't think there's justice, they'll get what's coming to them but you can't bring him back," said Misty.

McCormick and Wilson remain in the Shasta County Jail without bail.



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