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  • Malaysia altitude map

    Official: Search to be completed in a week

    The underwater drone scanning for traces of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 should complete its task within the next week, as the search for the plane intensifies, a government official said Saturday.

    "Today and tomorrow, it's imperative that we focus be...


SpaceX rocket launch 4-18

SpaceX rocket blasts into orbit

The Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket lifts off from Cape Canaveral, Fla., en route to the International Space Station.

Cody Wygant killed baby video games

Father accused of killing baby to play video games

A Florida man is charged with killing his toddler so he could keep playing video games.

South Korea ferry inside video

A look inside the sinking S. Korea ferry

Video taken by a survivor on board the South Korea ferry has it sank has been released.

California murder conviction outburst

Murder conviction sparks dramatic outburst

San Diego courtroom erupts after a jury convicts 49-year-old Kassim Alhimidi of murdering his wife.

Coffee and climate change

Climate change could shake up coffee industry

Rising heat and extreme temperatures resulting from climate change may impact the coffee supply, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. That has the coffee industry worried.

Twin boys take on carjacker

Twin boys take on carjacker

Twin brothers demanded a carjacker in San Antonio let them go after he took the car with three children inside.


Pictures In The News

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott

Affairs to remember: High-profile cheating

Actress Tori Spelling recently spoke publically about her husband and fellow actor Dean McDermott's affair. But he's not the first celebrity to get in hot water over extramarital activities. Check out this list of high-profile celebrity affairs.

Easter all over the world

Easter traditions from around the world

Eggs, candy and bunnies are traditionally all part of America's Easter holiday. Take a look at the interesting ways in which other countries celebrate Easter.

Rescuers South Korea

Hundreds missing after South Korean ferry sinks

Rescue boats and helicopters are scrambling to find passengers, including scores of high school students, missing after a ferry sank off the southwest coast of South Korea.

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