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  • rally for Michael Brown Ferguson Sunday

    How Ferguson could be America's future

    The protests in Ferguson, Missouri, have been described as a mirror into contemporary America, but they are also something else: A crystal ball.

    Look past the headlines -- the debates over race and police militarization that have surfaced after the ...


Woman supporting Darren Wilson

Officer Wilson supporter: We are Darren Wilson

A spokeswoman for a group supporting Officer Darren Wilson says the group will not be silenced and says media coverage has been one-sided.

Woman with lifelike doll at hospital

Woman arrested after bringing lifelike dolls to hospital

A woman created a scare at a hospital after bringing lifelike dolls into a California medical center. Authorities say the woman created a security concern, but she said it was a misunderstanding.

Store buys Abraham Lincoln's signature

Store buys Lincoln's signature for $50

A California trading company owner buys a document signed by Abraham Lincoln for $50.

SpaceX rocket blows up

On camera: SpaceX rocket explodes over test facilities

A bystander caught the explosion of an unmanned SpaceX rocket at its facility in McGregor, Texas, on video. The company said the rocket blew itself up Friday evening after a malfunction during a test.

Milwaukee Police confrontation

Protesters occupy Milwaukee police area

Protesters occupied the hallway outside Milwaukee's Police Administration Building Friday, demanding answers to the four-month-old shooting of Dontre Hamilton by a police officer. That officer has yet to be identified.

Ferguson peace night

Crowds smaller, more peaceable in Ferguson

It's been two weeks since Michael Brown’s death at the hands of a police officer. After two weeks of riots, crowds today in Ferguson, Missouri, have been smaller and businesses have re-opened. One vendor selling shirts with the words: "It's time to start the healing."


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Tony Romo

NFL's most valuable teams

The average NFL team is currently worth $1.43 billion, according to Forbes. Take a look at which NFL teams are worth the most.

sandwich platter sandwiches food

10 things that will cost more this fall

Prices are going up for a wide variety of products and services this fall, from airfare to bacon.

James Foley in helmet

Who was James Foley?

James Foley was an American photojournalist who went missing in Syria almost two years ago. On Tuesday, August 19th, a video, apparently produced by ISIS as a warning to the US to stop air strikes against the group in Iraq, ended with Foley's beheading. Learn more about the life of the man whose his parents call a 'martyr for freedom.'

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