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  • Cure Hospital, Afghanistan

    Chicago pediatrician among 3 killed by guard

    A Chicago pediatrician who "felt called" to move to Afghanistan to treat children and train physicians was among three Americans killed at a Kabul hospital Thursday by an Afghan guard.

    In an attack not unlike the so-called "green-on-blue" incidents, ...


Boy shot paintball gun drive-by

Boy, 5, shot in paintball gun 'drive-by'

A 5-year-old boy is shot in the eye in what authorities are calling a paintball gun "drive-by" in California.

Fourth graders pot Colorado

4th graders accused of selling pot at school

Several fourth graders are accused of selling pot at their elementary school in Colorado.

Wyoming gas plant explosion

Huge blast forces evacuation of Wyoming town

An entire town in western Wyoming is evacuated after a huge explosion rocked a natural gas plant.

Aussies search for MH370

Australians 'will not rest' until MH370 found

As Australian officials repeat their commitment to finding missing Flight 370, the Malaysian government is investigating its handling of the accident.

Wedding costs

Being a wedding guest can be costly

It's not cheap to throw a wedding. But it's becoming more costly to be a guest, too.

Texas lawn size

City limits lawn sizes to conserve water

A city in Texas is going to extremes to conserve water by limiting lawn sizes.


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War, Soldiers, Afghanistan

Timeline of the war in Afghanistan

With with the deaths of three Americans at a Kabul hospital, look back at the war in Afghanistan -- the longest conflict in U.S. history.

Attorney lawsuit

Jobs that make the world a worse place

Fast food workers. Telemarketers. Find out who else thinks their job makes the world a worse place.

Jodie Foster Globes sized

Celebrities who are gay

Jodie Foster has tied the knot with her girlfriend of just under a year. See some of the other celebrities who are openly gay -- and proud of it.

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