Need for homeless resource center recognized

Need for homeless resource center

REDDING, Calif. - A group is forming to create a homeless resource and day center for Redding's homeless population.

Organizer Ann Corrin said it's necessary and it's urgent.

"I personally am really afraid of this summer. If we have a long hot summer, we're going to see some real intense health problems with the homeless."

The Reverend Ann Corrin is the pastor of Pilgrim Congregational Church.

She is organizing a group of people from agencies that interact with the homeless to explore the possibility of forming a non-profit group that would establish a homeless resource and day center, a place where the homeless could come to get out of the heat of summer of cold and wet of winter.

She said this would be especially beneficial for those who don't have the capabilities to seek help.

"I think it's outrageously sanctimonious for us to say ‘well when they're ready to get their life together, then we'll help them' and it's fabulous to have place like the Rescue Mission, but really, when someone is ready to get their life together there is a place for them, " said Reverend Corrin. "But if someone has slipped below the level of being able to make some basic decisions like getting out of the sun, they're not ready, but they're still human beings, and you still don't want them dying on the sidewalk from the heat."

No decisions have been made about anything, including the possible location of the resource center.

The first meeting to discuss the project is next Thursday night. It's by invitation only, but those who would like to attend can contact Pastor Ann at the Pilgrim Congregational Church, 530-243-3121.

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