Neighborhood hit hard by crime, crowded jail contributes

Neighborhood hit hard by crime, crowded jail contributes

ANDERSON, Calif. - The Anderson Police Department has been busy fighting crime in the Anderson Heights area. Monday the department made three arrests in this area that has recently been plagued by crime.

The three people arrested include Cavan Stephen Murphy, a 39-year-old Cottonwood man who had an outstanding arrest warrant for having drug paraphernalia. Anderson police said he had crystal meth, a pipe and a digital scale with him.

Anderson police also arrested 31-year-old Andres Martinez of Anderson for urinating in public. Martinez allegedly had a dagger on him and was arrested for felony weapon violations.

Anderson police arrested a third person right after that. Nolan Lee Taylor was arrested because he also had a dagger on him. Taylor had two outstanding arrest warrants as well.

Police said the Anderson Heights area has had a spike in crime and they have been doing everything they can to control it. But due to budget cuts and jail overpopulation, they can't keep all of them locked up.

Lucy Casados said she has lived in the area for five years and the last two years she has seen crime increase. Casados said just a couple of days ago someone tried breaking in to her apartment.

"It's scary, it's scary, scary for the kids because they don't wanna be in the room," Casados said. "They woke up in the middle of the night and came running in my room and I went to look but there was nothing there. I noticed the next day my screen was half way tore off somebody tried to break in."

Casados said she sees Anderson police patrol the area at various times, but the problem is still there.

"They're doing a good job at patrolling but still having the problem and it seems to be getting worse all the time instead of better," Casados said.

And even though police put those criminals behind bars they just end up released and committing those crimes again. This is due to the fact that there is not enough room in jail.

"The same criminals are back on the street within hours if not just a day or two but usually within hours, back on the street," said Lt. Rocky Harpham with Anderson Police Department.

"Not everyone in the community understands that sometimes it hurts the relationship that we have, even though were out there trying everyday to solve as many of these crimes and get people off the streets as possible," Lt. Harpham said.

To stop the crime police strongly recommend the community to join a crime watch group, which can help the police department in the long run.

"After stacking up 12, 13 cases against these guys they go away for a decade," Lt. Harpham said. " It takes a long time but we get those guys off the streets by stacking up a lot of good cases against them so that's why it's important that they call."

We asked for an exact number of arrests that have been made in that area but Anderson police didn't have that information available. They hope to have those numbers mid May.

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