New Details in Officer-Involved Shooting; Family Members Grill Officials

New Details in Officer-Involved Shooting; Family Members Grill Officials

RED BLUFF, Calif. - Both DA Gregg Cohen and Chief Paul Nanfito discussed the investigation into a deadly officer-involved shooting in Red Bluff.

The shooting happened Thursday morning at the Red Bluff Meadows Apartments on Kimball Road.

Police said Adam Stevens, 25, was shot and killed when he charged officers with a knife.

Cohen said there was  no criminal activity by officers and the shooting was deemed justified at this point.

Stevens' family members attended the news conference Wednesday morning.  They were clearly upset, asking Cohen and Nanfito a number of questions.

Five officers responded to the apartments Thursday morning around 7:30.  Police said Stevens refused to leave.  Police said they first fired bean bags at him, in an attempt to take him into custody.

Cohen said Stevens shielded himself with rug when pepper spray used.  Police said officers then fired their weapons when Stevens lunged at them with a knife.

Red Bluff Police Chief Paul Nanfito held a news conference at the City Council Chambers at 11:30 a.m.

"When the officers were confronted with a deadly force, they responded with deadly force and unfortunately and tragically that did result in a loss of life," Chief Nanfito said, defending his officers.

He said they responded to the apartment because a woman had called 911 claiming Stevens was on her balcony trying to break in.

Nanfito said the officers immediately recognized him. "Red Bluff PD has had 19 calls for service involving this suspect since July 2012. Five of those contacts resulted in arrests, of which three involved a charge of resisting arrest."

He told us Stevens moved aggressively toward two officers on a balcony with a knife that had a blade measuring about 3 and a half inches.

Family members weren't convinced his weapon justified the shooting and they said they're not backing down.

"We find this unjustifiable. What happened to him should not have happened to him," Stevens' sister-in-law, Lacey Spearin said.

The family is asking any witnesses, who has a different story than officials, to come forward. "If anybody, anybody out there has any information in regards to Adam, any eye witnesses, any videos or anything, please get a hold of us," Spearin said.

Chief Nanfito said while there is any concern about retaliation, he's not going to identify the officers involved for the sake of their safety.

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