New Disney movie screened for firefighters' families

Studio studies Redding smokejumpers base for research

New Disney movie screened for firefighters' families

ANDERSON, Calif. - Disney captured a little local flavor in a new animated feature film, and it is a subject matter known all too well in the Northstate.

Planes: Fire and Rescue, the new Walt Disney Studios movie opening nationwide Friday, was played in a special screening for actual wildland firefighters and their families Thursday night.

United States Forest Service officials said Disney reached out to the forest service smokejumpers base in Redding for research purposes.

"They were really curious about terminology," said Joshua Mathiesen, the Smokejumper Base Manager in Redding. "They wanted to know what a jumper would say in different situations. We basically provided them real world fireline lingo."

Ultimately, the studio created characters in the movie based on their line of work.

Folks gathered at Valley 11 Cinemas in Anderson for the show, along with a special visit from Smokey Bear. Kids got to see a fun, characterized version of what their moms and dads do when a wildfire strikes.

Even authorities on the matter were pleased.

"We were pretty impressed by the accuracy of some of [the movie]," said Stanton Florea, USFS Public Information Officer. "The terminology that's used on the radio, the way the fire glows at night, the way the fire sounds, are some of those nuances to wildland firefighting that really only firefighters would know about."

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