New Evidence in Case Against Man Charged for Double Stabbing in West Redding

REDDING, Calif. - Investigator's have new evidence in the case against a man charged for a double stabbing in West Redding.

30-year-old Cody Nash was back in court Thursday afternoon where attorneys asked for time to review the latest findings before they set an official trial date.

A search warrant was issued at Nash's home in the Portland area where investigators took computers and some documents to be used as evidence.

While in the courtroom, Nash seemed calm, as if he was just waiting for officials to direct him.

We talked to his attorney, Mike Horan. He told us everything is at a standstill until they can get their hands on the investigators' new evidence. "There's two things we have to do. We have to evaluate Mr. Nash and his mental health status and we have to evaluate the evidence and until we have all the evidence, it's hard to do the other so we're kind of in a holding pattern until we get all the evidence," he told us.

Horan also said they are currently awaiting results from a mental health evaluation that Nash recently had.

As for Bob Watson, we've been in contact with his daughter and she says her dad is getting better everyday.

Investigators say Nash admitted to stabbing his aunt and uncle with a knife in order to work up courage to kill himself.

68-year-old Bob Watson was stabbed several times in his home on Boston Avenue on June 8th.

His wife, 66-year-old Candace Watson, was found dead in their garage.

Nash is scheduled to be back in court November 8th, when attorneys hope to set a trial date.

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