New group supports Turtle Bay land sale

REDDING, Calif. - Another group has been formed in the fight over a land sale deal at Turtle Bay.

They are Redding Empowered to Vote for Increased Visitors and Employment, or REVIVE.

The group supports the city's proposed sale of land at Turtle Bay to the McConnell Foundation for the construction of a Sheraton Hotel.

REVIVE is made up of local business leaders and organizations.

"There was just a huge public outpouring of support for the hotel, but it was all kind of disorganized," said REVIVE's Rocky Slaughter. "So we were trying to create a single house for everyone to come to in order to kind of get our messaging on track and organize a really positive grassroots effort."

REVIVE was formed in response to REVOLT, Residents Entitled to Vote On Land Transactions, which says the city isn't getting enough for the land and that the project should be subject to prevailing wage requirements.

REVOLT is gathering petition signatures to put the issue before voters.

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