New invention brings new opportunities to a local business

REDDING,Calif - An invention by a local 20-year-old could spark new opportunities for a range different companies.

It's a handmade helicopter with a GoPro camera attached that can record from different angles.

Remax Town and Country Real Estate will now be using this flying creation to post videos online showing off their properties.

Justin Britt of Redding and his company JB Quad Aerotours is making that possible. Britt was recently contacted by Joshua Barker, the owner and broker for Remax Town and Country in Redding.

"He saw it as a perfect opportunity to bring something to the real estate market that nobody's ever seen before," Britt said.

The rotorcraft-mounted GoPro provides a lot more detail than people currently find from a picture on a real estate website and Remax is hoping to use the invention to help their clients.

"The guys at JB Aerotours have really taken it to the next level with video and I just can't wait to see the sellers responses out there when they see this," said Barker.

"Being able to fly 50 feet in the air, come down to the house, go out the back door and go 50 feet back up on the air and see the back of the house – that is something that no one has ever seen before," said Britt.

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