New Plans For Greyhound Bus Station Building

REDDING, Calif. - The Redding Planning Commission has approved a project to demolish what used to be the Greyhound Bus Station.

It's all a part of a push to revitalize downtown Redding.  The new building will be used for commercial, retail, and residential purposes.  The commission is hoping the redevelopment of the 1953 Butte Street space will bring more people downtown, and ward off transients. 

Dean and Jane White of "California Physician Reimbursement" bought the old bus station in early 2011. They initially planned on remodeling the original building, but it ended up being much pricier than they thought, so after some brainstorming they decided to start fresh and take the building down.

Dean told KRCR News Channel 7's Chelsea Kay that his wife Jane came up with a new design for the property.  The plan is to have residential lofts on the top floor, along with their business. The bottom floor will be open for retail stores.  

We wanted to "bring some new life into the downtown area and that's the whole direction that we believe that the downtown is trying to go with the whole urban look," Dean said.

The plan is to start construction by June and finish construction by the end of the year.

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