New 'Rescue Dogs' movie hopes to help rescue animals everywhere


The movie tells the story of a man who's trying to save his beach restaurant, and his loyal rescue dog, Charger. 

Jordan Rawlings, the movie's writer and co-star, says there were several factors that went in to writing this script.

"We wanted to make a movie that wasn't just fun for the family and entertaining to watch."  Said Rawlings. "We wanted to do something that actually gave back to a community and a charity and a cause we loved.  And, for us, that was rescue dogs."

According to Rawlings, there are different charities aligned with the 22 different cities where the movie will be released.

In the movie's home city of Los Angeles, the benefactor charity is "The Real Bark", an Echo-Park-based charity. 

The film's distributors are also making their movie accessible to animal rescues nationwide.  Allowing them to host screenings of "Rescue Dogs" so they can raise money and awareness about shelter animal rescue.

"Everyone had a great story of how a rescue dog really kind of changed their life, how they rescued them."  Rawlings said.  "Which is kind of the theme of the movie that we don't just rescue the dogs.  The dogs rescue us.  The cats and the hamsters help us make our lives better."

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