New security measures in place at Chico's PV High

CHICO, Calif. - Chico's Pleasant Valley High School has installed two new measures to keep students on campus and strangers away.

To start the 2014-15 school year, the school has installed a few hundred feet of new fencing.

Principal John Shepherd said the school was already about 75 percent enclosed last year, but an increase in people coming on campus prompted them to take increase protections.

"We started to realize about halfway through the school year last year that we needed to take one more step to secure our campus," Shepherd said. "Having such a close proximity to those bus stops and to a community that's growing--an unwanted population--we need to make sure that our kids are safe."

In addition to the new fencing, the school has a new color coded student badge system.

In prior years they had lunches for freshman separated from all other upper classmen. This year they have a combined lunch.

Freshman aren't allowed off campus, so the color coded badges better help staff identify them and keep them from leaving from school gates.

Shepherd said he thinks the measures will keep the students and staff safer throughout the school year.

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