New Wind Turbine Will Power Wal-Mart's Red Bluff Distribution Center

Representative Herger Opens Red Bluff Windmill

Red Bluff, Calif. - Drivers will notice something new along Highway 99 in Red Bluff.  A new 440 foot tall wind turbine was officially unveiled at the Walmart distribution center.

Representative Wally Herger was on hand to cut the ribbon and officially open the power station.

Walmart says this turbine will generate approximately 2.2 million kilowatt hours of power, or about 20% of the distribution center's annual electricity use.

The turbine was constructed as a joint effort between Foundation Windpower and Walmart.  The turbine cost 5.5 million dollars but is expected to pay for itself in about six years.

Walmart is saying it expects this turbine to produce about twenty percent of the electricity used at this distribution center.  Walmart is leaving the door open to potentially more turbines but says it is exploring all options if turbines don't work out.

Walmart hopes to eventually become energy independent and rely completely on renewable energy for all their electricity needs.

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