NFL Draft: Jordan Rodgers Hopes to Follow His Brother to the NFL

CHICO, Calif. - The NFL Draft starts Thursday night.   Aaron Rodgers' little brother his hopes he'll hear his named called.  Vanderbilt Quarterback Jordan Rodgers might be on the verge of making a name for himself in the National Football League.
Jordan Rodgers says he's in the best shape of his life.  He's been training this week at Whole Body Fitness in Chico, located next to his family's chiropractic business.

"I'm excited, I'm nervous, the anxiety," said Rodgers.

He's also confident.  His Pro Day at Vanderbilt, where he played two years after leaving Butte College, answered a lot of questions for NFL scouts.
"I threw the ball all over the field, threw deep ones, threw the deep comebacks, everything they wanted to see, because there was a knock on my arm strength," said Rodgers.  

"I wanted to attack that, prove them wrong.  I had a bunch of scouts came back and erased notes on my arm strength and said I threw the ball well."

Rodgers has learned a lot about the draft process from his brother.    Aaron Rodgers' draft day in 2005 is legendary.  He was projected to be a an early pick, but he waited and waited until his name was finally picked 24th overall. Now he's a star with the Green Bay Packers.  Aaron and Jordan's father Ed Rodgers remembers how difficult Draft Day was for Aaron.

"The first time was quite stressful, waiting four hours in the green room," said Ed Rodgers.  "But this time it's going to be a little easier, here at home relaxed."

Jordan added  "You've got to expect the unexpected.  And really, you can't worry about these things you have no control over."

In the past week alone, Jordan Rodgers has been in contact with about a dozen NFL teams.

"I spoke with the Niners this morning, I've spoke with Tampa, Miami."  He's also talked with Green Bay, which would make him his brother's back-up.

Although Rodgers hopes to be drafted, if he goes undrafted, he could still land a job in the NFL as a free agent.

"As a competitor, as an athlete I want to be drafted," said Rodgers.   "I want to have that distinction.  But oftentimes, when you get into free agency as a free agent you get a handful of teams that want you to come in and play."

If Rodgers enters free agency, he'd be in good company.   Among quarterbacks who went undrafted: Tony Romo, Kurt Warner and Hall of Famer Warren Moon.  

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