Nipa's Thai Cuisine's bird cages sport a new look

Nipa's Thai Cuisine's bird cages sport a new look

REDDING, Calif. - A Redding restaurant said their popular bird display is now up to code. Nipa's Thai Cuisine has made some big changes to the cages which recently brought complaints.

Back in March we showed you what the cages looked like. The conditions led to complaints to the city from people calling it an eye sore and from animal rights group who thought it was a bad environment for the birds.

The owner of the restaurant, known as "Dino" said it all came as a surprise to him. He claimed to be confused since his intention was never to hurt the birds. Because of so many complaints the city of Redding asked them to make some changes.

The restaurant made the changes and the cages are now cleaner and the birds have a better view.

"Make it nice for everybody and we've spent a lot of money on the food too, you know," said Dino. "My son can go in there and clean it up and give them food and water. Keep it nice and clean."

The City of Redding said they are happy with the result and the case is closed.

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