No Federal Budget Cuts Hitting Redding Airport – For Now

REDDING, Calif. - The "sequester" has many worried about whether cuts will happen, affecting airports across the U.S. However even if they do happen, Redding Airport will not be affected.

The cuts will affect about 295 airports, and it does not matter if they are big or small.

Redding Municipal Airport is not on the list of affected airports but Airport Manager Rod Dinger said that does not mean the airport is safe from future cuts.

If the cuts take place, the FAA will have to begin furloughing air traffic controllers due to the $627 million in automatic spending cuts.

Many airports will have to get rid of their employees. Those cuts could then lead to delayed flights, shuttered control towers and a lot of angry passengers from coast to coast.

"Right now we are fortunate to not be on that list," said Dinger. "Some of the areas that it could affect [include] the funding for law enforcement officer presence at the [...] passenger check point that TSA runs."

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