Northstate girl readies for national Spelling Bee

Northstate girl readies for national Spelling Bee

REDDING, Calif. - Patrizzia Fox- Beaudet is only 12-years-old and is already one of the top spellers in the county. Patrizzia is a student at U-Prep in Redding and is busy getting ready for the 87th Annual Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C.

Patrizzia is not your normal student, during the week she's too busy maintaining her 4.0 GPA to study, so she uses her weekends to spell.

Out of the 35 local students competing to represent the Northstate in Washington D.C. Patrizzia Fox-Beaudet took top honors.

"Through the fight you know you're actually going on there and you're actually spelling to your best and doing your best," said Fox-Beaudet.

This is her second time representing Redding on the national stage. Fox-Beaudet made the cross-country trip in 2012 but came up just short last year, finishing in second place.

Boudet said her interest in spelling started in the 4th grade.

"I like finding out different patterns in the words and seeing oh OK this word fits here and these words mean this and some words mean really mean things," said Fox-Beaudet.

Outside of her school work, Fox-Beaudet studies an additional eight hours a week.

"I use the addendum of the dictionary no matter how weird that sounds yes, I use the dictionary to study," said Fox-Beaudet.

Along with that she uses her Latin book which helps her understand the origin of words better.

Fox-Beaudet said there's no way to get to the top without hard work.

"My grandpa used to say the harder you study the more lucky I seem to get, so you'll get lucky as long as you keep working."

Patrizzia will compete against 275 other spellers from across the nation for a chance to win $25,000. The Scripps National Spelling Bee is at the end of May.

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