Northstate Native to Receive Medal of Honor from White House

LAKE CITY, Calif. - A Northstate man will receive the nation's highest military decoration for valor next month at the White House. He is being honored for his thirteen hour firefight in Afghanistan.

Former Army Staff Sergent 31-year-old Clinton Romesha from Lake City will soon become the fourth living person to have served in the Afghanistan-Iraq war and be awarded the Medal of Honor for his courageous acts.

Romesha served as a section leader during combat operations against armed enemies in Afghanistan's Nuristan Province on Oct. 3, 2009.

He declined to go into detail about the firefight, saying it wouldn't do justice to the great actions by so many other soldiers. He said he had a great team who weren't going to back down. Romesha said,

"There were eight that didn't make it back and the honor is to them. It was one team. It was one fight. You can never close  that chapter in your life. It's just, what you make of it in the future is what I look forward to. And I hope to honor them in the best way possible." 

Romesha currently lives with his family in North Dakota. He retired from the military in 2011.


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