Northstate teens arrested for alleged kidnapping plot

MARYSVILLE, Calif. - Three Northstate teenagers will be tried as adults after investigators said they tried to carry out their plan to kidnap a teen from Marysville.   Two of the teens were from Oroville, and the third was from Redding.

Investigators said it started as an elaborate plot to help the Redding teen date the girlfriend of the victim. 

Authorities said 17-year-old Jessy Murray, 16-year-old Frank Oddo and 17-year-old Jacob Cadena contacted the victim with fake profiles on Facebook to set up a marijuana deal.

The meeting place was a remote area outside of Marysville.  As the victim waited Saturday afternoon, he called his aunt.  She showed up just in time to see the victim thrown into a car.  She called sheriff's deputies who were able to track down the suspects.

Yuba County Sheriff's Deputies said the teenagers gave different accounts of what they had planned.   Some of the alleged plans included simply wanting to scare the victim; breaking his ankles; cutting his Achilles tendon; or sexually assaulting him and eventually killing him.


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