Northstate widow shares the struggle of A.L.S

BIGGS, Calif. - A Northstate widow is sharing the everyday pain of losing a loved one to a terrible disease following the popularity of the A.L.S Ice Bucket Challenge.

Lorraine Woolworth, of Biggs, said she didn't even know about the ice bucket challenge until Thursday afternoon. After she was shown a video, she said believes the challenge demonstrates a fraction of how painful A.L.S can be.

"Well he described himself as hell," she said. "He says this is hell."

That's how Dennis Woolworth described his condition to his wife of 22 years back in 2008; he was diagnosed with A.L.S also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

"You know for some reason just like you would twist your ankle side to side he wasn't able to do that," said Lorraine.

Woolworth said her husband just wasn't himself. She described him as being a very active person and never being able to sit still.

Dennis starting losing movement in his legs and eventually all over his body making it difficult for him to eat, drink, or even breathe.

"He had to physically lift to use the gas and the break in the car," said Woodworth.

She said her husband didn't want any treatment because he didn't want to suffer. Dennis Woolworth died eight months after he was diagnosed.

"When other people go through with this your heart goes out to them because you know this is fatal. There is nothing you can do about it," said Woodworth.

Last summer, a huge phenomenon went viral. Millions of people recorded themselves of pouring ice water over their heads and using social media to raise awareness about the disease.

Woodworth said it's the closest feeling anyone is going to get who isn't suffering from A.L.S and believes it will bring the much needed awareness to find a cure.

"It's like a bucket of ice being dumped on you," she said. "It's comes out of the blue. It's not something that you ever expect to happen to you."

Nearly $12 million has been raised for the A.L.S foundation through the ice bucket challenge.

Woodworth said she would accept the challenge if she was nominated.

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