Not guilty plea for woman accused of killing young mother

REDDING,Calif. - The 53-year-old woman accused of killing Hayley Riggins while driving under the influence was in court Thursday. Virginia Anderson is accused of causing the crash. Redding Police said Anderson admitted to being under the influence of methamphetamine, marijuana and prescription pills during the incident.

But on Thursday afternoon Anderson pleaded not guilty to second degree murder and DUI causing injury. Anderson's lawyer tried to lower the $1 million bail but that request was denied.

The courtroom was filled with Riggins' family and friends, all there to see the judicial process finally underway.

"I know there's no being whole again after Hayley's death unless she could be brought back to this earth," said Sandy Haley, Riggins' mom. "To be here for Christmas and Easter and school plays with Cadence [Riggins' daughter] but that's not possible. So seeing what was given to us today and that the bail being set at a million dollars and hopefully keeping her in here  is going to save other people."

Anderson is scheduled to be back in court June 30.

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