Off-duty CHP officer shoots dogs, owners call for investigation

RED BLUFF, Calif. - Two dogs were shot and killed on Tuesday in Red Bluff by an off-duty Highway Patrol Officer.

According to Tehama County Sheriff's Office the CHP officer, Matt Nelson said he was running in the area and the two dogs came after him.

But the owners said that's not what happened.

The Torres family said they are devastated that their two, eight-month-old dogs were shot and killed.

"We were looking in on the house that's in front of us and we heard six consecutive gun shots," said Alex Torres.

Torres said his family let the dogs out for a couple of minutes. He said they then started to worry when they couldn't find them. While they were calling for them, Torres said he heard gun shots.

"My mom was telling me to take me over there where we heard the gun shots," said Torres.

Torres said he drove to the other side of his house and that's were they found his puppies on the ground, with gun shot wounds.

Torres said he saw CHP Officer Matt Nelson standing over his dogs.

"My first reaction, obviously I was telling him why did he do that, and he just put his hand up to me like don't talk to me,"said Torres.

Both parties called Tehama County Sheriff's Office, who came out and took a report.

And to the dismay of the Torres family there was no further investigation.

Torres said he can't understand why the off-duty officer would shoot his pups since they were friendly dogs.

"Everyone knew them in this area," said Torres.

We tried getting more information but officials at the Williams CHP Office, the office Nelson patrols from, refused to comment.

The Tehama County Sheriff's Office said it wasn't their investigation and referred us to the Red Bluff CHP.

But Red Bluff CHP won't own this investigation either.

The Torres family said they still have questions and can't believe they can't get any answers from the different agencies.

The Torres family said what the Williams CHP officer took from them is irreplaceable and that the pain of losing their dogs is almost too much to bear.

"We can't get them back just something we'll never get back again," said Torres.

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