Officer breaks collarbone while chasing naked woman

WILLOWS, Calif. - A Willows CHP officer broke his collarbone while chasing a naked woman who was running, trying to elude capture along Interstate 5.

The confrontation happened Sunday around 11 a.m. along Interstate 5 at the County Road 16 overpass.  Officer Camblin responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle in the area.

Officer Camblin pulled in behind the vehicle, a Nissan, and saw a woman on the right side of the car.  As soon as she saw the officer, she took off running southbound on the right shoulder.  The woman was later identified as 30-year-old transient, Danielle Baker.

According to a news release from the CHP,  as Baker ran, she removed her clothing until she was completely naked.  She picked up a stick, swung it at officer Camblin, and continued running.

Officer Camblin tripped over a concrete curb in the field, fell, and broke his collarbone.  

Two other officers arrived and saw Baker running toward them along I-5.  Officer Stokes yelled for her to stop and grabbed her arm.  Baker began to fight and was taken to the ground.  Officer Stokes was able to get a handcuff on Baker's wrist, then she bit his right hand.  

Baker was taken into custody and transported to Glenn Medical Center.  She was later booked into the Glenn County Jail for assault on a peace officer, and driving under the influence of  drugs.

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