Officers shoot pit bull during marijuana bust

Trinity County Narcotics Task Force, U.S. Forest Service and CHP worked together to arrest two men at a marijuana cultivation site in the Six Rivers National Forest.

Officers had received information that unknown suspects had been stealing water that feeds into the town of Salyer. While investigating the water theft, the deputies came upon a marijuana cultivation site where growers had clear cut parts of the National Forest to set up a growing site.

Officers approached a tent on the site and announced their presence when a pit bull was let out of the tent.

According to the Trinity County Sheriff's report, the dog was aggressive and bit a K-9 officer in the face, then went after the other officers.

The officers shot the pit bull and continued to call for subjects to come out of the tent. When no one responded, the officers cut holes in the tent and entered it, finding two men near a loaded pistol.

The officers arrested the two men, Eric Brown, 27, and Samuel Barton, 24 for cultivation, possession of marijuana for sale, conspiracy to commit a crime, being armed while possessing a firearm and destruction of forest lands.

Brown, was on AB 109 supervised release in Shasta County and was also charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Brown is being held at the Trinity County Jail on $350,000 bail. Barton is being held on $265,000 bail.

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