Officers Uncover 300 lbs. of Marijuana Inside U-Haul Truck During Traffic Stop

REDDING, Calif. - Four people were arrested Sunday night after Redding Police found 300 pounds of marijuana in a U-Haul truck. 

Redding Police said they received information about a U-Haul pick up and a white Nissan Altima traveling into the city of Redding, possibly involved in transporting large quantities of marijuana.

Officers said at 7:27 p.m. officers located the two vehicles and conducted a traffic stop on them.  

The U-Haul pick-up was driven by Chue Chang, 43 of Sacramento.

A search was conducted after a K-9 alerted on the truck.  In the back of the truck officers found the 300 pounds of marijuana in
vacuum-sealed bags.

Police arrested three more people in the Altima.  Those suspects are Lor Somboon, 18 of Sacramento; Yang Chue Her, 34 of Elk Grove; and Brian Lor, 33 of Sacramento.

Officers said a search of the Nissan Altima revealed packaging material, vacuum sealing equipment, and a hand held radio device to communicate with an identical device located in  the U-Haul pickup.  

During interviews, the suspects advised they were traveling from Trinity County to Sacramento after processing and packaging the marijuana.  They said they were going to sell the marijuana they had for a monetary gain.

All four subjects were booked into the Shasta County jail for possession of marijuana for sale, transportation of marijuana and conspiracy to distribute marijuana.  

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