Officials break ground for new Redding Police Station

Ground breaking for new Redding Police Station

REDDING, Calif. - It's official, ground has been broken Monday for a new Redding Police Station.

The new patrol and evidence storage building will be on Cypress Avenue next to Redding's City Hall.

The Saturday Farmer's Market used the vacant lot until construction began. The farmer's market has now moved behind the City Council Chambers.

The new building will span 16,500 square feet. Police administration and investigations will be next door, on the second floor and part of the ground floor of City Hall.

Redding Police Chief Rob Paoletti is excited about the change.

"You're going to have the chief's office and administration on the second floor across from investigators, records downstairs, and patrol right outside and across the street." Paoletti said. "It's not one building, but it will have everything."

When asked if the new location would expose city employees and those who visit City Hall to undue risk, City Manager Kurt Starman didn't seem overly concerned.

"Fast forward to a year from now and we'll have 100 police officers working in this general area," Starman said. "We think the police presence will have a positive impact on public safety for the area as well."

The first phase is construction of the new building, the second phase is relocating Redding Electric Utility to its new location on Airport Road, and the third phase is reconfiguring City Hall to accommodate the police department.

It could take several years for the police department to be fully relocated.



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