Officials hope to catch river trail vandals with new surveillance cams

Officials hope to catch River Trail vandals with new surveillance cams

REDDING, Calif. - City officials are hoping to catch criminals in the act in Redding.

Parts of the Sacramento River Trail now have surveillance cameras.

Vandalism and graffiti have flooded that area since it first opened. Caltrans officials said the cleanup is an everyday procedure.

The cameras have been placed strategically on a portion of the "Dana to Downtown" trail. They each are hooked up to an internet connection which will allow for the images to be sent back to a home office for review.

Caltrans Public Information Chief Denise Yergenson said that is a big reason why the new security cameras went up.

"I believe it gets graffitied the minute that they clean it up," she said.

Yergenson said Redding Police are out on a regular basis cleaning up after the vandals strike and it has become a recurring problem that they hope to resolve.

"Trying to cover the graffiti or remove the graffiti is costly and time consuming," Yergenson said. "So, it's a better system and just an easier way. Hopefully, we can deter people from painting the tunnel."

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