'One hot hawk' sparks discussion on wildlife and heat

'One hot hawk' sparks discussion on wildlife and heat

REDDING, Calif. - Photos from a KRCR News Channel 7 viewer show "one hot hawk" getting some help as it tries to cool off. The images show a man holding a hose and the hawk enjoying the water very much.

Shasta Wildlife Rescue volunteers said the hot temperatures outside affect everyone, including those with fur and feathers.

Team leader with Shasta Wildlife, Sue Walden, looked at the photos and said the hawk looks to be young and overheated.

The hawk helpers said after cooling it off, the hawk flew away and stopped panting.

Walden said there are many ways to help wildlife during the heat. For birds, one way to help is to leave a shallow pan of water with a rock inside so birds can cool off without drowning from exhaustion.

Shasta Wildlife helps injured, at-risk birds all the time. Walden said caring for wildlife is simple and it's something she enjoys.

"I really find it rewarding to bring a bird that's either orphaned or starving or has some kind of problem that they can be fixed through the stages, so that they can be released and become wild again," Walden shared.

Shasta Wildlife is always available to help in situations where wildlife is at risk. Their phone number is 530-365-WILD.

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