One-million dollars in marijuana found during bust

PALO CEDRO, Calif. - The Shasta County Marijuana Investigative Team raided a home in Palo Cedro, yielding an estimated one-million dollars of marijuana.

The raid began around noon Wednesday.

The team found a virtual forest of plants in the backyard close to ten-feet tall, and 29 feet around, many of the stalks resembling small tree trunks.

Investigators were working up a sweat removing the plants, using their hands, and a tractor to pull them out of the ground.

The backyard contained 108 plants in total, leaving no room for anything else.

Some of the marijuana had already been harvested and were hanging in a nearby outbuilding drying, in preparation for storage.

Empty boxes littered the property, and many boxes were already filled with dried, processed marijuana.

That was outside.

Inside, the garage was turned into a grow room with lighting, and electrical wires running everywhere.

The home was kept in filthy disarray; one room housed a half-box full of syringes.

Sergeant Barry Powell, supervisor of the marijuana investigative team, calls it an "epidemic."

He says people come from out of the area, rent property, grow marijuana, profit, and leave.

"Especially this summer, we've seen a large influx of 'out-of-staters' moving into Shasta County for the growing season."

Dump-truck loads of marijuana were taken from the site to be destroyed.


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