Oroville assault suspect charged with murder

OROVILLE, Calif. - Olabku Jones, 43, was charged with the murder of his pregnant girlfriend, 33-year-old Abby Tucker, who was beaten into severe condition on Monday and eventually died on Wednesday.

Jones was in court on Wednesday and arraigned on several serious charges and enhancements.

On Thursday, one count of murder was filed against Jones, however, a second murder charge was not filed for the fetus because his girlfriend was only four to six weeks pregnant. In California, fetuses must be eight to nine weeks old for their deaths to be considered murder.

Jones was arrested Monday afternoon after investigators spent the day combing a home on Spencer Ave. in Oroville collecting evidence.

Jones claimed that his girlfriend slipped and fell in the shower while in court on Wednesday before Tucker's death, Deputy District Attorney Robert Thomas III said Jones "pummeled" Tucker and added that she was "likely brain dead."

Jones' bail is set at $1 million. He also has previous convictions, including one for robbery in San Joaquin County.

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