Oroville man gets 11 years for son's death

OROVILLE, Calif. - An Oroville man was sentenced to 11 years in prison Wednesday for the beating death of his 16-month-old son in 2010.

Michael Dollar took a plea bargain in January for the charges of beating and killing Deagan Jackson, whom he was watching at the time.

Dollar had claimed Jackson fell and hit his head, but it was revealed Jackson suffered multiple skull fractures at the time of his death.

The defense asked the judge to give Dollar a midterm deal, meaning less prison time, but didn't go as far as to ask for probation.

The judge denied that request saying he took advantage of a position of trust and caused great violence, bodily harm and injury.

Instead, Dollar was given the upper term, 11 years in prison with 3 years probation upon release.

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