Paradise Aquatic Park in danger of closing

PARADISE, Calif. - The impact of the drought continues to be felt across the Northstate.

Now the Paradise Aquatic Park could dry up from the lack of rain and snow pack in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Park visitors are furious it has to come to this. The Paradise Recreation and Park District got a letter from the State Water Board on May 27 saying they lost their right to divert any water from Berry Creek this summer because of the drought.

The PRPD helps supply natural water to the Paradise Aquatic Park, and it's home to a very small pond where children can come and fish. The pond is now in danger of drying up, and posing a major health concern. Park officials said it could shut down the park.

"I understand we are in a drought situation and that's unfortunate but I think we can cut water elsewhere besides where the kids have fun and enjoy their time," said park visitor, Kim Hutton. "This is a special place up here."

The PRPD said they divert two tenths of a foot per second and send the water back down to Berry Creek. They say there's very little or any loss of water when it makes its way to the park.

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