Paradise Irrigation District customers circulate recall petitions

Paradise Irrigation District customers circulate recall petitions

PARADISE, Calif. - New petitions are circulating against the Paradise Irrigation District. This time they are not about the water rate hikes, but about the district's board members.

A group of concerned customers have banded together to recall board members Sep Carola and Larry Duncan. The customers hope to get enough signatures to bring these two up for early re-election on this coming November ballot. 

"It is my belief, and a lot of the other proponents, that they haven't been listening to the public," Michael Zuccolillo, a Paradise Irrigation District customer, said of the two board members. 

The petitions claim Division 4 Director and Board President Carola and Division 3 Director Duncan are not representing the interests of the district's customers. 

Zuccolillo said money management is a major point of concern. 

"They've lost the public's trust in managing their money and now the district's on the verge of going broke, and we want to get people in that are responsive to what the citizens want and to be fiscally responsible," Zuccolillo explained. "I don't think that's too much to ask." 

Zuccolillo said state and federal water standards require that the district reassess the way it handles its water pollution discharge. A byproduct is created when the district processes it's raw water for consumption and a recycling plant may need to be built now instead of releasing it to local water ways. 

"We understand that this project needs to be done for the water treatment, but the issue is we knew about this in 2010," Zuccolillo said.

Zuccolillo said a third board member, Ken Hunt, would be recalled, but he is already up for re-election this November, whereas the other two aren't until 2018. 

A fourth board member, Doug Flesher, passed away this past March. 

Zuccolillo said they do not have issues with the fifth and final member, Bill Kellogg. 

"We just want people that are willing to listen," Zuccolillo said. "We're hoping that people will see what is happening and be willing to step up to the plate and be willing to serve the community." 

They need 3,203 signatures per petition by June 17. You can pick up a petition at Zuccolillo's office on 6400 Skyway in Paradise.

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