Paradise Neighbors Feud Over Chistmas Lights

PARADISE, Calif. - A annual feud is renewed in a Paradise cul-de-sac.  Instead of bringing people together at the holidays, one neighbor's elaborate Christmas light display is tearing two neighbors apart.

Phill and Elise Simpson take great pride in their Christmas light display that's set to music.  For many years, it's attracted hundreds of fans to Porter Court.  But not everyone is thrilled with the display.

The Simpson's only neighbors in this corner of Paradise don't like the lights.  They've complained about them for seven years running.  This week they put up their own lights, four bright exterior lights that shone directly into the Simpson's house. 

The Simpsons say it's pure retaliation.  On Wednesday night the Simpsons called police.  Referencing a city ordinance, the police told the neighbors they had to lower the direction of the lights so the beams don't glare into the Simpsons home.

The Simpsons orchestrate their lights to music which is transmitted to car radios through their own radio transmitter. Three years ago, the Simpsons said the neighbors set up an alternate transmitter, with some rather crude music instead of the traditional Christmas carols they transmit.  Some of the visitors that year were surprised to hear the crude songs instead of Joy to the World.  The neighbors deny broadcasting the crude lyrics.

The neighbors did not want to speak on camera and asked not to be identified.  They told KRCR News Channel 7 that contrary to what the Simpsons say, they enjoy Christmas lights.  They just don't enjoy the increased traffic and congestion that the Simpson's display attracts.  They said their house has even been vandalized, and insist the new spotlights added this year were designed only to protect their property, not to irritate the Simpsons.

The neighbors have complied with the police request and turned the four lights away from the Simpson house.  They cover only their front yard, which they insist is designed only to protect their property. 

The two sides still are not communicating.  But for now there is peace on this small slice of Paradise.  As far as goodwill toward men, that might have to wait.


The Simpson Family Christmas Light Display is up and running at 510 Porter Ct. in Paradise. Hours are from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM through the day after Christmas, weather permitting. Tune your radio to 98.3 FM to hear the music synchronized to the lights.  Here's a link to a short excerpt from the show:



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