Parcel Tax Measure Looming For Modoc Hospital

Modoc Medical Center is less than one week away from learning if it will be on the receiving end of an annual $3 million check.

Landowners have until Tuesday, August 31st, to submit their ballots on a proposed parcel tax benefiting the hospital. It would require landowners who live within a 20 mile radius of Alturas, excluding Cedarville, to pay $195 a year. The hospital is currently millions of dollars in debt and a primary reason for Modoc County's $12.5 million deficit.

Modoc Medical Center's interim CEO, Monica Derner, said the tax, if approved, would bring about $3 million to the hospital on an annual basis. Mike Mason, chair of the Save Our Hospital Committee, the group who proposed the tax, also backed up that figure.

Approval of the parcel tax, which requires a two-thirds vote, would also cut ties between Modoc County and the hospital. Modoc Medical Center would be independent and part of the Last Frontier Healthcare District. The district would then be in charge of operating the hospital and appoint its own board members to do so.

Derner told News Channel Seven Wednesday that landowners would receive a $150 credit to use at the hospital if the tax measure passes. The interim CEO said $350,000 is set aside for the credit program.

Modoc County elections officials say landowners have until 8 p.m. August 31st to submit their ballots.

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