Parents at Meadow Lane Elementary Ask for Answers

ANDERSON, Calif. - Parents at Meadow Lane Elementary school are asking for answers after finding out that a teacher at the elementary school is under investigation for having drugs and alcohol on campus.

According to a handful of parents, that first grade teacher is Jessica LaFayette.

Many parents said they have confronted Superintendent Harley North but he refuses to comment.

One of the parents, who's child was in Jessica LaFayette's class, was told that LaFayette had been absent due to sickness.

This parent, who chose to remain anonymous, said, "I was scared, I was worried, I was mad [after] finding out that I was being lied to by the principal and receptionist in the office.

"It's a scary feeling thinking that your kid is being taught by someone who was possibly under the influences of drugs and alcohol," the parent said.

Many parents also said that if this does not get resolved, they will take the kids out of Meadow Lane Elementary and enroll them in another school.

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