Parents 'devastated' by death of pregnant daughter

Parents 'devastated' by death of pregnant daughter

HAYFORK, Calif. - Family members in Hayfork are grieving after a pregnant woman was killed in a suspected DUI crash in Shasta County.

"Devastating. I was so devastated," said Mary Collins, mother of 29-year-old Dorlis Jean ‘DJ' Lauri. "My body just started shaking it wouldn't stop."

Lauri, an expectant mother, was a passenger in a car that crashed Friday night on Highway 44 near Millville.  Lauri and her unborn son were both killed.

Lauri's family said she and three acquaintances were on their way from Weaverville to buy maternity clothing in the Redding area.

"She didn't know how to drive," said Lauri's stepmother, Marilyn Overturf.

Robert Frederick, 36, of Burnt Ranch was driving when the car rolled several times coming to a stop near Tompata Trail. California Highway Patrol investigators said Frederick suffered major injuries. He faces several charges including felony DUI and second-degree murder.  Frederick was on probation for a prior DUI conviction.

"She took a ride to go shopping and lost her life," Collins said.

Two other passengers were treated for minor to moderate injuries at Mercy Medical Center in Redding and were released.

Family members in Hayfork said the timing of the accident was especially unfortunate because she was making progress after struggling for much of her life.

"She was just starting to turn her life around. [DJ] was into drugs pretty good, but the last 5, 6, or 7 months she was pretty clean," said her father, Walter Overturf.

"She was going through parenting classes, alcohol and drug classes. She was straightening her life out," Collins said.

Lauri was living most recently in Weaverville.  Her parents said the move was prompted by her desire to fight her drug addiction.

"She was in Weaverville, because Hayfork was bad for her," Marilyn said.

"I told her to stay out of [Hayfork]. Because it was one of the worst places she could be, right here in this town. Same people same crowd," Walter said.

In addition to the new baby on the way, Lauri is survived by her three children, ages 10, 12, and 13. Lauri's mother warns other parents to keep watch over their own children, no matter what their age.

"Please, dear God, if there is any mother or any parent out there listening," Collins said. "Do not ever let your children get in a car with somebody who has been drinking."

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