PATH Sale house helps women succeed

PATH Sale house helps women succeed

RED BLUFF, Calif. - The PATH Sale House in Red Bluff is a nonprofit organization that helps women get back on their feet. The house opened its doors in January 2010.

And ever since then it has been helping homeless single women and women with children who are victims of domestic violence, struggle with substance abuse, struggle with mental illness or are unemployed.

Jennifer Ragsdale is the case manager for the home and she also went through the program. The program helped her so much that now she dedicates her life to help other women. Ragsdale joined the program in January of 2011 after she hit her breaking point.

"My own misery with myself and the relationship that I had and my children were suffering as well from that relationship," said Ragsdale. "I was in a volatile relationship, there was substance abuse issues with domestic violence."

Ragsdale said she decided to change her life after child protective services took her two daughters away. It was at that time that her drug and alcohol counselor referred her to the PATH Sale house.

"The Sale house is what actually helped me become stable so that I could comply with what it is I had to do to get my children back and live a better life," she said.

By February of 2012 Ragsdale was sober. She had found a job and had a place of her own. And after that child protective services gave her back her two daughters. She said her life experience has motivated her to help other women out there, since life can be hard and getting help can be confusing.

"I didn't know the resources in the community, I isolated myself from the community," Ragsdale said. " I believe that anybody can get clean, you just do it one day at a time, just one day at a time."

The house will be holding their BIG WALK fundraiser September 20, 2014. For more information on the PATH Sale house, you can go to

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