Peaceful protest in Chico on tax day

CHICO, Calif. - Protestors were out in front of the downtown Chico post office Tuesday afternoon to hand out information and raise awareness about what the bulk of taxpayer dollars are spent on.

The Chico Peace and Justice Center and the Palestine Action Group teamed up, holding signs and passing out information to people on the street.

The idea, to make people entering the post office to send out their income tax returns to think about where their income tax dollars go.

Protestors think too much of it goes toward military spending and aid to other countries.

"It's the people's money that's being spent on what we object to is largely military and weapons and things like that," said protestor Cathy Weber. "Then maybe we should be a little more vociferous to our congress people who decide where the money goes."

The groups think the government should focus tax dollars more towards domestic programs like education, health care and job creation.

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