Phone Scam Targets Redding Seniors

Callers Use Scare Tactics and Family Members to get Your Money

Redding, Calif. - A new phone scam is targeting Redding seniors.  They're being called by men trying to scam them out of their hard earned money.  Some try impersonating their grandchildren while others try to used intimidation and force.

Beverly Petersen got called around 10 am by someone claiming to be from the health department.  He tried to use her medicare account bully her into giving him information.

 "He said lady why don't you just go somewhere and die," says Petersen, "I'm going to cancel your medicare."

Petersen was worried because she's had three strokes before and this got her very angry.

But not all the calls are so aggressive.  Some of them try to use your family to get your money.

Laura Dork got a call from someone impersonating her "favorite grandson."  But she got suspicious when he couldn't give any more information.

Both Dork and Petersen were saved by asking questions.  Experts say, if something seems suspicious, it probably is.  A legitimate company won't avoid questions or get angry when you ask them.

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