Photos of jetskier and ducks spark online debate

REDDING, Calif. - An online debate has erupted over photos of a jetskier on Shasta Lake either harassing a mother duck and her ducklings, or herding them to safety.

These photos were taken by Alan Ernesto Phillips who posted online that "two muscled and possibly drunk jet-skiing brothers" were intentionally assaulting the ducks like "hyper-focused, elite soldiers on a mission to seek and destroy the enemy."

It led to a "scary confrontation" in the presence of his 11-year-old daughter and 11-year-old niece.

Phillips texted KRCR News Channel 7 Wednesday saying "the photos alone speak volumes in showing proximity to the ducks, orientation, and rooster-tails. Theirs was definitely not a mission of mercy."

One of the brothers,Jesse Sims, told KRCR, "My brother and I didn't 'terrorize' ducks as portrayed on Facebook. My brother, Jason, jumped a wake from behind a boat, and landed close to the mama because he didn't see her. When he noticed there were babies, he circled back and tried to direct her to them. He was 'chasing' them into a cove so they wouldn't get hit by other watercraft. We weren't drunk and we weren't hurting animals."

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