Police: 16-year-old hit and killed by car at fault

16-year-old hit by car declared brain dead

REDDING, Calif. - Mark Vargas, the 16-year-old boy that was hit by a car while riding his skateboard was declared dead Tuesday afternoon. Vargas was hit Friday night while riding his skateboard.

Tuesday morning, Redding police spent part of the day recreating the crash as part of their investigation. Police said the driver allegedly involved in the crash was 62-year-old Kenneth Reed who fled the scene. They recovered his car Sunday behind the Motel 6 on Hilltop Drive, where Redding police processed it.

Redding police said while Reed was interviewed he told officers he thought he hit an animal at the time, which is why he didn't stop. Redding police gathered at the corner of Court Street and Gold Street to take diagrams and measurements of the scene.

Sergeant Brian Barner said accidents like this happen often, especially in warmer weather.

"They need to be very careful and understand that it's very difficult at times for cars to see them especially at night time," said Sgt. Barner. "Bicyclists and pedestrians in the collisions that we've had recently have been at fault for walking in front of cars. This was a skateboarder in this incident, which we have found through our investigation he was at fault, the skateboarder was."

Vargas' mother is demanding charges be filed in the case. Redding police will turn over their findings to the district attorney to make that decision. Mark's organs were donated this afternoon.

Redding police held a second closure for a crash investigation. It was held at South Bonnyview and Indianwood Drive.

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