Police identify suspect involved in dozens of burglaries

Police identify suspect involved in dozens of burglaries

ANDERSON, Calif. - Anderson police have identified a suspect connected to more than a dozen burglaries in Shasta County, and police said the suspect lived in the very neighborhood he was burglarizing.

On Thursday afternoon, Anderson police along with the Shasta County Sheriff's Office and Shasta Probation Department served a search warrant to the suspect's home on the 1700 block of Pinon Avenue in Anderson. They found thousands of dollars worth of stolen property, including jewelry, baseball cards and even a guitar.

Since November of last year, property crime spiked dramatically in the suspect's neighborhood, known as the Anderson Heights area. Anderson Police Department's Lt. Rocky Harpham said they have reason to believe it was all connected to this one suspect who was allegedly selling the stolen items to pawn shops in the area.

"Probably knew the patterns of the people in the neighborhood," said Lt. Harpham.

Lt Harpham said the suspect targeted homes within a four block radius of his home.

"It's close and convenient and easy for him," said Lt. Harpham.

However, during the search they didn't locate the suspect. He was kicked out of the home earlier this week, but police are on the lookout and don't think he'll get too far.

Police believe the suspect was committing the crimes during the day, entering through a back door when no one was home and then grabbing anything that stood out.

"A lot of burglars are looking for something they can sell quickly pawn easily or sell for drugs," said Lt. Harpham.

One victim who lived down the street from the suspect said his home was burglarized twice. He asked to not be identified.

"It's an eerie feeling, and then the second time they kicked in my back fence and I have a back door right behind my garage and they hit it with a crowbar," said burglary victim.

Since the crimes started last year, the victim says they started a neighborhood watch program to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

"They're talking to each other and watching out for each other and then notifying us when something seems out of place," said Lt. Harpham.

Lt. Harpham said it was help from the neighborhood and volunteer patrols that ultimately led them to identifying the burglary suspect.

Police are not releasing the identity of the suspect since this is an ongoing investigation. They do say he has criminal history in northern California with drugs and stolen property.

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